Forex Raptor Review
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Forex Raptor Review

Forex Raptor is a fantastic system that will help you increase your income very quick. It will provide the best help by spotting and entry signal, notch a trade and establishing the closure for the profit.

The first impression is that it’s not that different from other forex software and will do all the above mentioned processes involuntarily. The main difference is that Forex Raptor can detect the entry signal a few moments before the price swings that take place on the market.

If you know how to use it you’ll see that this is a huge advantage and you can turn it into a fantastic chance for making huge a huge profit.

This system is a MetaTrader 4 Client APi that works perfectly with the six major currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHD. USD/CHF and EUR/JPY.

It’s developed using VB script and it can handle trades automatically or manually. It’s fully competent of dealing with multiple currencies at once and it can trade with several MetaTrader brokers at once. By doing all that it can cover a wide part of the trading market.

Forex Raptor is 100% compatible with any MetaTrader platform and it automatically updates its software.

If you wonder about how trying this curriculum might be you should read below and see how the trading screen looks like.

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The main screen has a green colour and comprises the following categories: Unfilled Currencies (a drop-down menu), Automatic Trade (a check box), Results Signals and Metatrader Messages.

The most fascinating one is the Results Signals part which includes a additional three sub sections: Small term signal (featuring a ‘Sell’ button), Account Information and Long term signal (featuring a ‘Buy’ button).

On the left you can see the Small term signal and Long term signal counting: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Predicted price and Probability. Right under that there’s a forex chart for you to see the price movements for the above mentioned currency pair.

Other forex software has only one set of stop loss and take profit on their screen but not this one. Forex Raptor will show you which way the currency pair is bearing: the promotion direction or the buying direction.

The Account Information area comprises: Weigh (user’s account weigh), Equity, Control, Spread, Stop Level, Margin hedged and Margin required.

If you use Forex Raptor you’ll most probably be making up to 300 pips per week and that’s not terrible at all. The most vital thing is that in order to do that you won’t need any trading encounter. Let Forex Raptor do its work and start making huge bucks.

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You’ll have access to a 24/7 customer support and they’ll offer the best doable advices and directions.

In addition to all that you can subscribe to Forex Raptor Newsletter for free and receive notification about everything that’s experience on the forex market.

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